Manna Fundraising Form

Click here to download your MANNA Fundraising Form


What is Manna?

Manna is a program that raises money for our church.  Many merchants participate in the program by allowing you to purchase gift cards that are used like cash at merchants’ places of business. The merchants give Epworth Church a percentage of the cost of the gift cards. Buying Manna is the same as buying them from a merchant; it’s worth the amount you pay for it. You can purchase Manna in advance and use it at your convenience.

How much does Epworth make from participating MANNA merchants?

The amount the participating merchants give back to our church varies. Stop by the Manna book in the Community Room to find out the exact percentages.  You will see a column on the order form that says Disc, this is the percentage that Epworth receives back on orders placed.

What does MANNA cost?

You purchase the Manna for the face value of the gift card. There is no additional cost to you and Epworth receives a percentage of the total cost of your Manna purchase.  If you already shop at a participating merchant, then using Manna is the same as paying cash to the merchant. You can purchase Manna to be used as gifts for others!  The gift cards are exactly the same as you would buy from the merchant.

What do I do?

Click here for an order form or pick one up at church from the attendance folder or from the Epworth bulletin board located in the Community Room.  Return the complete form with your payment.  Please make checks payable to Epworth UMC, with a notation on the memo line “Manna”.  Orders can be placed in the offering plate, given to the church office on Sunday morning.

Please participate in this program!

It is a wonderful program that allows you to contribute to Epworth while purchasing items for which you have already budgeted. 

Order:  Orders will be ready for pick-up the Sunday following the order date.

If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office at 847-931-5400.